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Oral cleft & craniofacial anomalies are among the most common birth defects in the world. Incidence rates are particularly high in Asia. In the Philippines, the birth prevalence of oral clefts is estimated to be 2 for every 1,000 live births. There are about 3,500 – 4,000 Filipino children born with cleft and craniofacial anomalies yearly. Many more are either born with cleft craniofacial deformities or acquire these through accidents or injuries. Like other birth defects , the burden of cleft or craniofacial deformities is significant with regard to medical treatment which involves not only surgery but rehabilitation as well. Many of these conditions are not life-threatening, and with attention and help given on time, afflicted
individuals can go on to live normal lives and become productive members of society. Majority of those affected by these conditions come from marginalized families, with no means to sources for the needed medical attention and follow-up services for the patient. People with these defects may also experience emotional, psychological & social problems from low self-esteem because of this defect.

16 November 2005

During the groundbreaking ceremony of the Craniofacial Center last November 16, 2005 at PBM East Avenue Property

From left: PBM Chairman Bob C. Mirani, Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, PMPMI Managing Director Chris Nelson, PMAL Corporate Affairs Vice President Ilwoo Chong, PBM President Jeus Perez Cardenas, Medical Advisory Council Member Dr. Hector Santos Jr. and PMPMI Corporate Affairs Director Ms. Bayen Elero

There is no Craniofacial Center in the South East Asia region, except for Singapore. A Center in the Philippines can provide the needed services for nearby countries. The number of doctors in the country who can attend to craniofacial anomalies is limited. The Center will be geared to provide training and continuing education to Filipino doctors, as well as those from neighboring countries. More research is needed to get a database on Philippine craniofacial cases and conditions.


The Craniofacial Center will have beneficiaries from local
regional and even international areas.

• Individual afflicted by craniofacial anomalies such as cleft lip &   palate, hydrocephalus, meningoceole and other craniofacial   deformities.

• Surgeons and doctors involved in craniofacial surgery.

• Professionals and health workers involved in interdisciplinary care.

• Researches on preventive & treatment measures for craniofacial   anomalies.

• Local communities and countries in the South East Asia region   which have no facilities to handle these conditions.

• Families and people related to the individual with craniofacial   anomalies.


To set up a world class Craniofacial Center in the Philippines.

• To Make surgical procedures and support care services for   craniofacial anomalies readily available for financially-disadvantaged   individuals.

• To provide training opportunities for doctors who wish to specialize
   in craniofacial surgery.

• To provide craniofacial surgeons and medical & health   professionals in other disciplines, with opportunities for further   training and continuing education.

• To make available facilities for research work on preventive and
  treatment procedures and services for craniofacial anomalies.

• To promote activities for joint collaboration in craniofacial services
  and facilities with professional societies and organizations in the
  Philippines as well as other countries.

• To culminate PBM`s commitment to provide surgical and medical
  services to children with craniofacial anomalies.


Construction cost of the physical structures (1,500 sqm effective area) for the Center is estimated at Php 16M. Medical equipment required is estimated to cost Php 150M.

Fund Administration

To support the Craniofacial Center, PBM is intensifying its resource mobilization and strengthening its Craniofacial Center Perpetual
Endowment Fund. This Fund will provide the resources needed for the construction of the Center, and the operation and maintenance of its programs and services.

The core of the Endowment Fund comes from 30% of PBM rentals which are placed in fixed income investments. Only the interest of the Trust Fund will be used for the operation & maintenance of the program, activities and maintenance of the Craniofacial Center. The
principal will remain untouched, to insure the continuity & sustainability of the Center.

The Center is scheduled to have a soft opening on Y2010 and a full opening on Y2010. PBM will be commemorating its 75th Diamond Anniversary on Y2012.

(As of October 1, 2006)

The first phase of the project is now completed with the construction of the building that accommodates our administrative office and the interdisciplinary services required for craniofacial care.

2. Also completed are the parking facilities to accommodate 70 vehicles. This is an integral part of the project as this will be a  source of funding for the project.

3. We intend to undertake this project in stages. We are presently on stage two which consists in the preparation of the architectural plans that will allow the construction to be erected in phases with each phase becoming operative upon its completion.

 4. Our staff and the Medical Advisory Council is meeting regularly           with the architects for this purpose. We are also in negotiations with prospective builders.

5. Our resources generation program is working continuously both for individual donors as well as corporate and overseas donors.

 6. We are presently working at establishing a diagnostic center through a partnership with a group of doctors that would serve not only the requirements of the Craniofacial Center but also those of specialty hospitals in the area. This would also be a source of funding for our Craniofacial Center . This facility will be at the ground floor of our Administrative Building A is scheduled to start by the First Quarter of Y2007.

The remaining phases are scheduled as follows:

Phase 2   -   Y2008
Phase 3   -   Y2010
Phase 4   -   Y2012  

For more information regarding the PBM Craniofacial Center of the Philippines, click this email link: info@craniofacialcenterphilippines

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