Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Don La Rossa
- Chief Plastic Surgery
Dra. Rosario Mayro - Orthodontist & Dental Director

Through the intercession of Dra. Rosario Mayro and the charitable intervention of Dr. Don La Rossa, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia donated various equipments needed for our Speech, Orthodental and Otolarygology services.

List of Equipments Donated:

• Pentax Nasoendoscopes

• Pentax Nasoendoscopes   Video  Camera
• Sony Trinitron 14" Color TV   Serial #153445
• Pentax EPM HD & Light   Source
• Sony Color Video Printer   Serial UP-5200MD
• Sony VCR SLV-400 &   Miscellaneous Accesories

We also acknowledge with thanks the donation of Mr. & Mrs. ARION ALABADO owners of NSPC Delivery Inc. who provided free transport service from the USA to Manila.

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