Mid-Year Report for Y2005

Dear Stake Holders and Donors,

PBM is pleased to submit our Mid-Year Report for Y2005. For your information and deliberation. We welcome your views comments and recommendations.

Services - A total of 623 operations were undertaken by the Smile Train and PBM Programs for Cleft Surgery. 43 children with Hydrocephalus and Meninggoceole were treated and operated. 5525 were provided with pre and post operation services to include pediatric care and build-up, speech therapy, dental care, screening of patients and providing laboratory tests.

Cleft Surgical Missions- PBM received and accepted requests for 7 missions held at Batangas Regional Hospital, Damian Reyes Memorial Hospital in Marinduque, De Ocampo Memorial Hospital in Manila on 8 March and again on 31 May, Manila Doctors Hospital, St. Jude General Hospital in Manila and Imus Medical Center in Cavite. A total of 190 children benefited from these missions.

Development Services - The PBM Family Club and Chandumal Mirani Assistance Fund are two service programs PBM is very proud of due to the success achieved in the transformation of the family of our children beneficiaries through values formation, livelihood training and funding assistance for implementation of identified livelihood enterprise into self sustaining members of society. A total of 70 families are active members of PBM Family Club with 50 families utilizing the assistance fund for income augmentation projects. Additionally, we have now extended this service to the staff of the foundation for the similar purpose of family income augmentation, health and educational requirements.

Sustainability of Resources - A perpetual trust fund is now firmly in place to ensure the continuing sustainability of the foundation. A trust agreement with Bank of the Philippine Islands as trustee of the fund and to reinvest the fund in consulation with the PBM Board of Trustees is coverd by a trust agreement. The source of funds invested in the perpetual trust account come from 30% of all rentals and of interest earned.

East Avenue Property Development - presently undergoing construction is the remaining 3,000 sqms of our East Avenue 10,000 sqm property. We already have as tenants the Social Security System, The BPI FAMILY BANK, The KFC Chicken outlet and MAX's Restaurant. The development is being done in a way that the area can be used as a pay parking lot while at at the same time capable of conversion into outlet of fast food and service providers.

In addition, an office structure will be build to relocate our present office in Manila back to our property giving us a better position to oversee our tenants. We also have under evaluation the possibility of engaging on franchising opportunities if located in our property.

Staff Training and Development - Under a grant from Philip Morris International through the Asian Center for Community Development, our Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director attended an all expenses paid two weeks workshop on Resource Mobilization Through Business Activities in Thailand. This is part of our staff training and development program.

PCNC Accreditation Renewal - The Philippine Council for NGO Certification conducted their site inspection and evaluation of all services, systems, and procedures as part of the renewal process for "Donee" accreditation good for five(5) years last 30 June. PBM was found to have successfully in place all their requirements necessary for certification. With this, PBM can continue to provide its donors with a donation certificate they can apply as tax deduction in their tax payments.

Keystone Reporting - This is a joint project of Keystone International and PCNC for the purpose of arriving at a standard format to be utilized by participating NGO's in reporting on their individual programs and achievements. This report will in turn be presented by Keystone to international donors and donor agencies for their use on determining which organization they would choose to support through donations. This would open many sources of donations presently not available in developing country. PBM is committed to strongly participate and support this program.

PBM Craniofacial Center Project - This is underway as per our Road Map for completion by Y2010-Y2012. We are presently putting in place the necessary disciplinary services required. We are gathering all the necessary data as well as identifying the doctors for the center through our Medical Advisory Council. The development of our East Avenue property is part of this Road Map as this is the place were the center would be located. We have also secured agreement for a USA based Craniofacial Center to provide us with technical assistance through data requirements and medical expertise. We will have more data on this on our Year End Report.

We take this opportunity to thank all our sustaining members, donors, doctors, hospitals and stakeholders for your continuing support.

We assure you that you can be rightfully proud of your foundation!

The foundation is in excellent health and achieving its goals.

Yours in the Service of the Disabled Child.


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