PBM Family Program

The PBM Family is a continuing voluntary program for the parents of our children beneficiaries whereby they are provided access to programs on values formation, husband-wife communications, parental handling of a disabled child and livelihood training for income augmentation.

A regular quarterly assembly is held for all members during which they are given additional information as to new opportunities for livelihood activities. This is done through a seminar type presentations by those offering these opportunities.

They are also provided with referrals to other NGOs providing free computer training working in partnership with Comchest Manpower Development Foundation, free English proficiency classes, free cataract operation, eye check-ups and eye glasses.

Through this program we are also enlightening and assisting the parents to secure and maintain a PhilHealth card under the “Individually Paying Program" to ensure protection for the whole family for their medical requirements.

We work in partnership with the Asian Social Institute for the training programs on values formation and skills training for livelihood opportunities.

We also work closely with PhilHealth who provide seminars during assembly days on the procedures in securing a card and its coverage capabilities.

This program is a pre-requisite for them to access the micro financing facility of the Chandumal Mirani Assistance Fund.

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