Hydrocephalus & Meningocele Care Program

• Hydrocephalus – is a condition causing a child’s head to expand abnormally. The inflammation is due to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluids (CSF) in the skull, which increases pressure on the brain tissue. It is most often treated with surgical placement of a shunt system which diverts the flow of CSF from a site within the central nervous system to another area of the body where it can be absorbed as part of the circulatory process.

• Meningocele – this abnormality represents a more severe form of spina bifida. The posterior elements of the bony spine are missing and there is an out-pouching of the meninges forming a fluid filled swelling. All meningoceole require surgical closure to securely close the tissues and skin in several layers and to prevent infection.

PBM provides this treatment whether combination of both Hydrocephalus & Meningoceole or not, to deserving patients through its hospital partner, National Children’s Hospital.
It also provides follow up services, including:

speech therapy
medical and dental care
pediatric consultation
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