Parents Enhancement

In Y2002 the realization that medical intervention alone cannot promise a better future for our children beneficiaries made itself evident and PBM reacted by expanding and enhancing the PBM family programme to include improving the economic, social and spiritual status of our beneficiaries. Participation in this program is voluntary and not conditional to PBM attending to the child's operation.

In partnership with:


Designed a capability building plan
that includes modules in self-development, values formation, husband-wife communications, handling behavioral problems of disabled children, skills/talent inventory, livelihood skills training, managing a small business, family income augmentation, livelihood funding and evangelization. ASI provides PBM with this program through seminars and group discussions. An initial group of fifty families completed this program followed by a second batch of twenty families.


Through Philhealth, we are enlightening and assisting the parents to secure and maintain a PhilHealth card under the “Individually Paying Program" to ensure protection for the whole family for their medical requirements.We also work closely with Philhealth who provide seminars during assembly days on the procedures in securing a card and its coverage capabilities.


Provides free computer training to our patients.

Parents Enhancement module includes the following programs:

PBM Family Program
Micro Financing (Chandumal Mirani Assistance Fund)
Christmas Smiles Program

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